John and Amanda
thank Boomash

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John would never have met Amanda by swiping a Dating App

John would never have bumped into Amanda on the same road

This is John!

An all-or-nothing die-hard bachelor with many passions, dreams and interests.

He’s found his soulmate with Boomash.

Go John, GOOOO!

Perfect match

Boomash believes soulmates really exist. Find yours fast, and be happy together!

Chat is the dessert

Boomash allows you to chat with another person only when the affinity rate is over 50%.

Affinity grows

Keep playing on Boomash and the mutual affinity with people like yourself will emerge and grow!

With same winners

Boomash builds its affinity rate by comparing the winners of the battles we play.

Tapping on what you like

Yes, image battles are a cool way to discover new things and express tastes.

Play a new mash

Boomash is more playful than Pinterest, more focused than Instagram, smarter than Tinder.


This is Pierre!

A cool-hunter with a strong passion for fashion and design.

With Boomash he’s hit on the best way to engage people and earn in the long run.

The skull bracelet

Pierre created a Mash (image battle) about Skulls in Fashion and Design. To his Mash he also added the beautiful bracelet posted on Boomash by Louise.

This is Louise!

A product designer eager to expand her Jewels brand. Through Boomash she’s found an exciting way to improve awareness and drive more people to her e-shop.

Happy story for everyone!

Makers and Brands
  • Improve awareness
  • Engage your followers
  • Sell more
  • Engage people
  • Improve your authority
  • Earn commissions
  • Discover cool things
  • Meet people like you
  • Find your soulmate

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